Geothermal energy refers to the heat energy of the Earth’s crust. Once it has reached our planet, nearly half of the Sun’s solar energy is absorbed by the Earth, raising the temperature of the ground.

Our technology is able to harness this ground heat and provide heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial applications.

By utilizing geothermal energy, we are able to drastically reduce natural gas consumption and carbon emissions, while supporting a natural, renewable, and sustainable resource.


Environmentally Friendly

Low greenhouse emissions.
Reduce your carbon footprint.


Superior air quality compared to gas furnaces.
Extremely quiet operation, with no noisy external A/C units.

Lower Operational Costs

Geo systems are ~350-400% efficient.
Less electricity, zero gas.

Longer Life Cycle

25 year life expectancy of equipment (vs. 15 years for traditional furnaces).
All-in-one heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.


Better humidity control.
Less particulates due to superior air filtering.


No explosion risk.
No hazardous fumes.
No carbon monoxide poisoning.


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You not only met with our expectations but exceeded your promise of installation and start up service.

We do not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone wishing to do something different that will make a big difference in the short and long term.

Ken King, President, Calgary Flames